13 Major Uses of Computer and Its Application

We can use computers in various fields like banks, medicine, education, ticketing, business, multimedia, desktop publishing, communication, government, data, processing, weather forecasting, planning, and scheduling, etc.

Following are some of the uses of computer:

1. Uses of Computer in Banking Sector

Banks and financial institutions use different computer software to carry out financial transactions. They provide security, speed, and convenience. In an ATM system, one can withdraw cash from any ATM machines which are interconnected in the ATM system.

2. Uses of Computer in Engineering

Engineers mostly use computers to collect and analyze data. They also use computer technology to collect the latest information around the globe and use those data to get the experimental result and also in future forecasting. Engineers also use computer technology for designing and developing any business as well as scientific models using appropriate software tools. For example, CAM / CAD software package helps engineers and architects to prepare machine drawings, building drawings, circuit drawings, presentation of solid modeling (3D views) of machine parts on the screen, any design, blueprint, drawings can be drawn using CAD software like AutoCAD.

uses of computer in engineering sector
Engineers using the computer for designing machines and equipment.

3. Uses of Computer in Medical Sector

Medical professionals can diagnose disease with help of computers attached to medical equipment such as CT scans, Ultrasound, etc. Likewise, doctors use special computer software in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to examine the internal organs of the human body. Also, they use software for performing surgery. Medical personnel utilizes computers to collect and process data and information of patients.

Doctor using the computer for inspection of medicine.

4. Uses of Computer in Education

In educational institutions, we can use computers as information resources, teaching aid, library system, research model, security system, etc. It is also used as a database keeping for students as well as staff, billing as well as an accounting system, etc. We can give online examinations and get results immediately. We can check the examination results online. Nowadays one can give preparation exams and entrance examinations online with instant results. From this feature, one can immediately decide to join his/her destination. We can browse through much more information than we could do in the library through the internet.

Students using computers for learning purposes.

5. Ticketing

One can book air tickets or railway tickets or bus tickets and make hotel reservations online with the help of computer and internet technology that saves time and configuration. We can also book hall tickets for configuration watching movies. We can book and buy in advance any sort of ticketing.

6. Uses of Computer In Defense and Military Sector

Computers Are widely used in defense. Military personnel uses a computer and special software to store military records and secure databases. Information of defense system is very secured and complicated, so the computer is most essential in defense system along with different secured featured software components. In military weapons, the software is installed to track and control weapons. They use software for controlling the flight and targeting ballistic missiles. They use software to authorizes access to atomic bombs.

Military personnel using computers to store and analyze military data and information.

7. Uses of Computer in Business and Commercial Sector

Business: Shops, malls, and supermarkets use computers for file management, calculating the bills, office communication, administrative work, decision making, etc. Using artificial intelligence software, one can predict future trends and can calculate expenses and profits in business. Likewise, with the use of software, we can program the machines in the factories and fully automate the manufactures.

8. Multimedia and Entertainment

Sound or video creation and altering have been made a lot simpler by utilizing PCs. Graphics engineers can utilize computers to produce short or full-length films or even to make three-dimensional models. Anyone having a PC would now be able to enter the field of media creation. Film producers use computers to create unique effects in science fiction and action movies.

9. Desktop Publishing

We can use computers for desktop publishing, for example, one can create page layouts for magazines, newspapers, books, etc. with attractive design by using designing software like Adobe Pagemaker, Macromedia Freehand, etc on a personal computer.

10. Uses of Computer in Communication

We additionally have exceptionally advantageous and quick access to data. Through E-mail, we can speak with an individual, sitting a great many miles away in seconds. There is chat software that allows one to communicate with someone else consistently. Also, video conferencing tools are becoming promptly accessible to the common person. We can communicate with others at a very low cost or free with the help of internet calls or other means of software. Computer technology with software is widely used in the field of telecommunication. Also, all mobile phones have software embedded in them so that we can communicate with others at a low cost and from anywhere using technology.

11. Uses of Computer in Governmental Sector

Government: The government also make proper use of computer in various sectors for their planning, control, during election and law enforcement activities. For example, the government uses a computer for traffic, tourism, information and broadcasting, education, aviation, and many others.

12. Uses of Computer in Weather Forecasting

Researchers use a supercomputer and related programs for weather forecastings like sunrise, sunset, rainfall, humidity, to measure the temperature of different places around the globe. We can likewise foresee future climate forecasting based on past records. Metrology is the tolls to research for weather forecasting systems.

uses of computer in weather forecasting
Computer collecting data and information of weather condition of different places.

13. In Planning and Scheduling

One can use a computer to store contact information, generating plans, scheduling appointments and deadlines as well by the use of different software.

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