9 Powerful Characteristics of Computer

The computer is the most useful and powerful machine which can perform various tasks. The major characteristics of computers are speed, accuracy, versatility, diligence, automation, word length, non-intelligent, etc.

Some of the characteristics of a computer are as follows:

  1. Electronic: A computer is an electronic machine developed to perform calculations and control operations that can be expressed either in logical or numerical terms. Most computer parts are electronic devices and they are made of semiconductor chips.
  2. Speed: A computer can work at a very high speed and is much faster than humans. One second is a very long time period for the computer. The time used by the computer to perform an operation is called the processing speed. The speed of the computer is calculated in MHz (Megahertz) which is one million instructions per second. Today, a powerful computer can perform billions of operations in just one second.
  3. Storage: A computer can store a large amount of data permanently. Users can use this data at any time. We can store any sort of information on a computer including any multimedia files like text, graphics, pictures, audio, and videos. Modern computers have increased storage capacity due to advancements in technology. We can store data, information in storage devices like hard disk, pen drive in terms of KB, MB, GB, TB, PB, etc.
  4. Accuracy: Accuracy means providing results without any error. Computers can process a large amount of data and generate error-free or almost 100% error-free results. A modern computer has the capacity to performing millions of calculations and operations in seconds without any error. But sometimes we get the wrong output due to the fault in the data, instruction, or program which is known as Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO).
  5. Versatility: A computer can perform various types of tasks. So, the same computer can be used for various purposes such as accounting, generating pay skip, playing games, listening to music, watching movies, typing and printing documents, sending an email, etc.
  6. Diligence: Unlike human beings, a computer never feels tired and bored to do a task repeatedly for a long time. So, the computer can perform the same task with the same speed and accuracy even for hours and days if it provided a suitable environment and correct program.
  7. Automation: The computer can be programmed to perform a series of complex tasks automatically. So, the computers have been used for quality control in the industries which perform the task without getting any instructions from the operator.
  8. Non-intelligent: Although computers are faster, more powerful and accurate than the humans, it does not have common sense and can't think and decide itself to do any tasks.
  9. Word-Length: Word length refers to the number of bits that the CPU can process in parallel at a time. Modern processors, including embedded systems, for the most part, have a word length of 8, 16, 24, 32, or 64 pieces, while modern general-purpose computers usually utilize 32 or 64 bits. The power of a computer depends upon the word length that makes the more powerful computer.

Merits and Demerits

The computer is an essential part of our daily life in the modern age. It has many merits rather than demerits. Whatever it has, some points are listed below:

Advantages of Computer
  1. A computer is much more reliable, fast, versatile, very, useful in doing repeated jobs, and less prone to data loss.
  2. Computers can search free text as well as structured data to find a specific data value.
  3. Computers are the best tools for predicting to a large extent what type of results a business plan would throw up.
  4. Computer usage saves time and also gives error-free results.
  5. Computers provide highly accurate answers and calculations.
  6. Using the computer, one can analyze data and make informed decisions about the future course of action.
Disadvantages of computer
  1. People have to invest money in computer equipment and software.
  2. Highly skilled IT (Information Technology) personnel is required.
  3. Computers decrease physical activities affecting health in a major way.
  4. Software configurations do not necessarily communicate with each other.
  5. Repair, update, and maintenance are required frequently.
  6. Misunderstandings can arise quickly and be difficult and time-consuming to solve.

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