What is a computer? Basic information about a Computer.

A computer is one of the most powerful and useful innovations in human history. Therefore, with the use of computers, people are suddenly able to perform, an incredible amount of computations at very high speed with almost 100% accuracy. Computers range from very small to very large. Due to which, some are capable of doing millions of calculations in a single second, while others may take a long period of time to do even the most simple calculations.

what is a computer? desktop computer
Desktop Computer

Definition of Computer

A computer is an electronic device that executes millions of instructions called programs and performs varieties of tasks. A computer accepts data from an input device such as a mouse and keyboard and processes it into useful information which it displays on its output devices such as a monitor and printer.

Some terms related to Computer:

Data: Data is the known fact and figures about a person, place, thing, etc. which can be recorded in the form of text, number, sound, or image. Data itself is not very meaningful as it is raw fact. For example: the details of the student (Roll: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Name: Roshan, John, Karl, Age: 30, 28, 27, Gender: Male, Class: MSc are data).

Information: Information is the processed data that we get in the required form. So, it is very meaningful and useful to us. For eg. 1, Roshan, 30, Male, MSc, 75 is data but the examination result for Mr. Roshan having roll 1 and age 30 is 75% in MSc is information.

Process: Processing is the conversion of input (data) into output (information) and the processing unit of the computer performs this process.

Instruction: Instruction is a command that a user gives to a computer to do a specific task.

Program: A computer program is a set of instructions to perform a specific task in a computer, also called a component of the software. More about computer program >

All general-purpose computers required the following hardware components:
MemoryEnables a computer to store, at least temporarily, data and programs.
Mass storage deviceAllows a computer to permanently keep huge amounts of data. Common mass storage devices include hard disk drives and tape drives.
Input deviceUsually a keyword and mouse, the input device is the medium through which data and instructions enter a computer.
Output deviceA device screen, printer, or other devices that let you see what the computer has accomplished.
Central processing unit (CPU)The heart of the computer, this is the component that actually executes the instructions given by users to perform the task.
Computer Hardware Component

In addition to these components, many others make it possible for the basic components to work together efficiently. For example, every computer also includes a bus that passes on data from one part of the computer to another.

Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware Devices
Different Hardware devices
What is computer hardware?

Computer hardware is the collection of physical components that make up the computer. In other words, we can say that hardware covers all parts of a computer that are tangible objects. keyboard and mouse, printer and monitor, storage devices like a disk drive, and the computer itself are examples of computer hardware.

Computer software

What is Computer Software?
Computer Software
What is computer software?

Computer Software refers to parts of the computer that don't have a material structure, like programs, information, protocols, etc. Software refers to something intangible. Basically, computer software is a program, written by a programmer which controls/operates specific parts of a computer or specific application.

Software is often divided into two categories:

  • System Software: It includes an operating system and all utilities that empower the computer to function and operate.
  • Application Software: It includes programs that do real work for users. Applications software includes software like word processors, spreadsheets, and database management systems.


Firmware is a set of micro-instructions stored in a chip for the functioning of the computer. Micro instructions are hardware-level instructions that are directly executed by the hardware. Firmware is installed into the chip, either at the time it is manufactured or later, by the person installing the equipment or the person using it. In other words, Firmware is installed at the time of manufacturing and is used to run user programs on the computer. The firmware includes the features of both software and hardware and all of them work in a similar way. The firmware includes the data and instructions stored in the ROMs, PROMs, and EPROMs.

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